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Assyl and Michael

Meet Your Hosts

Having led fast paced, professional careers in major construction projects Michael and Assyl decided to create a life that will bring them closer to a more traditional way of living.

Assyl is originally from Kazakhstan and Michael from North East England. They met in Kazakhstan while working on the same project. After marrying in 2015, they travelled and worked in the Middle East for two years. During this time, the couple frequently travelled to Hamilton, Ontario to visit Michael’s family and fell in love with Canada.


Riverside Oasis Farm was established when this adventuresome team decided to trade their city life for a simpler, more wholesome lifestyle – and they have never looked back. Although this was a huge change, the farm and animals give them all the motivation to keep moving towards their goal to build sustainable life and farm for themselves, their children and their community.


Introducing yurts for overnight stays enables this growing family an opportunity to host guests so they may also enjoy a taste of this natural lifestyle and a short escape from the daily challenges of life.

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Farm Shop Coming Soon…

Discover our organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables, microgreens, products made from alpaca fiber such as socks, slippers and hats, gloves and flower bouquets, honey and more at our farm shop.

Farm Family

Alpacas – very unique, very sturdy and just the cutest creatures. Just look at their hairstyles! These guys have been our dream every time we talked about owning our hobby farm and we can’t imagine not having them around us.

Bees – although we don’t recommend hugging the hives we have so much respect for these little guys, they pollinate our vegetable garden and provide delicious honey for us to eat. 

Goats – these animals are never boring. So much personality, stubbornness and appetite for anything they can get their teeth into. We probably talk about them more than any other animal we have. 

Chickens – We raise meat and egg laying chicken at our farm. They are low maintenance and very productive, helpful farm animals. They give us daily eggs to make our breakfast much more special, they cleanup the barn stalls after the alpacas and goats and they take care of all the bugs they can find on the field. 

Sheep – In addition to GMO-free pasture raised chickens we have decided to raise high quality pasture raised lamb from a small flock of sheep. This is the first steps to becoming self sustaining from mixed meat sources. 


Farm Tour

We love our farm animals and the joy they bring to our life. They all have very different personalities and offer so much to the farm.

We provide personal & group farm tours with feeding and photos with Goats, Alpacas, Chickens, Sheep and, of course, the super friendly barn Cats.

Once the tour is complete take your time to walk the riverside trail and take a picnic overlooking the creek, pastures or vegetable fields.

Tours are $25 per adult and kids are free which includes a guided tour, feed, photos and time to picnic.

To reserve a spot please click though the reservation system below – weekdays can be arranged for larger groups, please use the contact form to arrange separately.

Corporate events are welcome and food can be arranged.

Farm Tours

by appointment only.


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