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Visit our yurt farm for a sustainable holiday that combines nature and adventure. Unwind and discover tranquility by exploring the farm's walking trails, paddling along the river, or ice skating in the winter. Take a guided tour of our farm and meet our friendly goats, hens, and alpacas. Whether you're seeking a romantic weekend or a thrilling adventure, our Yurt Camping Oakville farm has something for everyone.

Make your reservation right now with Riverside Oasis Farm. Experience the ultimate blend of sustainability, nature, and leisure. Our Yurt Camping Oakville site is approximately one hour distant from Toronto.

Best Yurt Camping Near Me in Oakville, ON

Even though yurt camping Oakville has continued to be influenced by Mongolian culture, it has also developed into a unique tourism opportunity widely accessible in our glamping setting. We can help you choose a beach yurt, a glamping mountain trip, or even a woodland adventure. It's simple to choose the ideal yurt thanks to the extensive global variety at our yurt glamping Oakville hub.

With the following characteristics, our Riverside Oasis Farm is the best yurt glamping Oakville offers.

  • There are outdoor recreation facilities and lawn activities for families.
  • Get-together areas where people can assemble in public, such as picnic tables and bonfires.
  • Explore a beautiful, untouched setting with access to water and hiking paths.
  • A general store sells essentials, including snacks, toiletries, and food.

What is a Yurt?

A yurt is a mobile, circular dwelling with a lattice development and poles for support covered with insulating felt and waterproof material. They are a stable and sturdy type of tent. Yurts have long been the most common type of habitation in Mongolia and most of Central Asia.

Yurts connect the earth to the sky and are warm, breathable, and culturally significant. They provide refuge in both rural and urban areas.

Luxury Yurt Camping Near Me in Oakville

We built an eco-retreat to focus on various essential subjects, such as sustainability, the importance of our natural environment, connecting with friends and family, and just taking in the world around us, which is sometimes muffled by the hustle of our daily lives. Relax, enjoy the simple joys of country existence, and reconnect with your inner self at our campsite.

Our deluxe yurts include a king-size bed and can sleep 1-2 people. Private campfire pits are available in each yurt for entertainment at our yurt glamping Oakville site.

If you want to spend your holiday in one of our luxury yurts, reserve one from us online by searching for "yurt camping near me in Oakville."

Tent Camping Near Me in Oakville

We provide a fantastic chance for the ideal yurt camping near me in Oakville. The possibility to experiment eco-friendly camping with a more primitive experience while being well-sheltered and comfortable is provided by our ready-to-camp choices. Our cabins, yurts, and other choices allow tent campers to take it up a notch and test out a more comfortable type of camping.

Enjoy the natural world! Even while sleeping outside might be pleasant, there are occasions when having a roof over your head is preferable. Our yurt camping Oakville offers an ideal transition between camping and hotel accommodations.

Yurt Glamping Near Me in Oakville

Our glamping site is open all year round. It's convenient for a last-minute weekend vacation, with beautiful paths for hiking, rollerblading, and bicycling. We have birds and animals on excursions, giving a unique glamping destination experience. The employees at our site are informed, pleasant, and quite helpful. They certainly make a tour of the farm both instructive and enjoyable!

To experience the ultimate nature, google us with "yurt glamping near me in Oakville."

Yurt Holidays Near Me in Oakville

Yurts have special appeal because of their distinct shape, which is circular like a tent but bigger, with space for furnishings, stoves, and beds. These may be upgraded and outfitted with amenities like plumbing, flooring, fireplaces, and electricity.

You can find us if you Google "yurt vacations in Oakville" or "yurt holidays in Oakville ."

Yurt Rentals Near Me in Oakville

Yurt camping in Oakville is a great option for anybody looking for a novel way to escape the city. You may enjoy outdoor activities and quality time with loved ones without coping with challenging or unpleasant circumstances.

Farm Tours Near Me in Oakville

We feel thankful for the happiness that our farm animals offer to our lives. They all have individual personalities and make significant contributions to the farm.

We provide both private and group farm tours, and our animals include friendly barn cats, lambs, chickens, goats, and alpacas. Contact us today for the best rates.

Farm Stay Near Me in Oakville

After the tour, stroll down the riverside path and enjoy a picnic with a view of the stream, meadows, or vegetable fields. We also provide a guided tour of our farm.

To reserve a spot, kindly follow the reservation process. Weekdays can be scheduled for larger gatherings; please use the contact form to make specific arrangements.

Enjoy Frolicking with the Animals of Riverside Oasis Farm with your Friends and Family

Visitors are welcome to interact with various animals at the Riverside Oasis Farm. Alpacas, sheep, goats, chickens, and other animals may all be fed and observed. You could learn more about these farm animals' traits, routines, and goals while yurt camping.

Visit Our Farm Tours

We provide public and private farm tours allowing visitors to interact with the animals, feed them, and take pictures.

  • Alpacas: Alpacas are calm, intelligent, and readily trained creatures that may offer their owner fleece and possibly a range of services.
  • Bees: Bees are much more valuable as crop pollinators than they are as producers of honey and wax.
  • Goats: Goats are fascinating creatures with charming natures.
  • Chickens: Chickens are low-maintenance farm animals that fulfill the standards for meat and eggs.
  • Sheep: The farm uses sheep to produce high-quality pasture-raised lamb to become meat self-sufficient.

Simply enter the term "glamping with alpacas" into Google to enjoy glamping with farm animals.

When is the Best Time to Rent and Stay in a Yurt?

While getting away from the city and relaxing in front of a fire pit sounds appealing, summers are also ideal for yurt camping Oakville. You may access everything that makes glamping pleasurable in parks from May through September.

Why should you come to Riverside Oasis Farm?

You may engage in delightful outdoor activities at Riverside Oasis Farm, including ice skating, kayaking, and trail walking. By taking guided farm tours, you may discover the beauties of nature and get up close and personal with friendly animals.

Tips on Riverside Oasis Farm Yurts Booking in Oakville

Remember the following advice while making a reservation for yurt camping Oakville.

  • Early reservation: Making your reservation as soon as a spot opens is advised because yurt camping in Oakville, Ontario, is growing in popularity.
  • Recognize your needs: If you Google "animal farm tour near me in Oakville," you'll see that the possibilities vary in terms of facilities and deals.
  • Select your season: Yurt camping in Oakville could be an unforgettable experience, depending on the time of year.
  • Prepare your things: Before booking a luxury yurt, ensure you have all the necessary supplies, like a sleeping bag, power bank, and other necessities.


Contact us now to learn more about our options and book a luxury yurt camping Oakville spot!


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