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Whether you want to spend your vacation in a tent or a yurt, explore and camp in various Hamilton, Ontario, locations to find the accommodation alternatives that best fit your needs. If the room and comfort of a cabin are your chosen parts of camping, we must be satisfied with your yurt camping Hamilton. Full beds, an outdoor fire pit, a barbecue, and full access to resort amenities are all included with our yurt accommodations.

Stay with your friends and family in one of our authentic Mongolian yurts on a nice peaceful farm at our yurt camping Hamilton.

Best Yurt Camping Near Hamilton, ON

Our yurt camping Hamilton is still connected with Mongolian culture today, but it has also evolved into a distinctive travel experience widely available in our glamping location. We can assist you with your search for a beach yurt, a mountain glamping excursion, or even a woodland experience. Our yurt glamping Hamilton Hub’s global collection makes it simple to select the perfect yurt.

Our Riverside Oasis Farm is the best yurt glamping Hamilton with the following features.

  • For the family, there are lawn games and leisure areas.
  • Bikes, paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes for your family to explore the outdoors at your leisure.
  • Public gathering places, such as bonfires and picnic tables.
  • Discover a stunning, unspoiled environment with access to hiking trails and water.
  • A general store for necessities, including snacks, toiletries, and a limited number of groceries.

What is a Yurt?

A yurt is a portable, circular structure consisting of poles and a latticework wrapped in waterproof fabric and insulating felt. They are a dependable and long-lasting kind of tent.

Yurts are breathable, warm, historically significant buildings that link the ground to the sky and offer shelter in rural and urban areas.

Luxury Yurt Camping

Turn out the outside noise and concentrate on nature. We have built an eco-retreat to concentrate on several significant issues, such as sustainability, the importance of our natural environment, connecting with friends and family, and just taking in the world around us, which is occasionally muted by the hustle of our daily lives. Relax, enjoy the simple pleasures of country life, and get in touch with who you are.

Our luxurious yurts can accommodate 1-2 people and contain a king-size bed. Each hotel unit has its campfire pit for your consideration and enjoyment. They are heated inside your flat by a standard wood stove or a more environmentally responsible wood pellet heater. Book a luxury yurt with Riverside Oasis Farm to enjoy your yurt vacation.

Yurt Glamping Near Hamilton

Do not let the strain of everyday life keep you from experiencing a memorable holiday in nature. We are the closest option when you Google “yurt camping near Hamilton.” In addition to offering you lavish amenities to make you comfortable, we provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reconnect with nature.

We are the ideal yurt glamping Hamilton location if you want to relax and disconnect from your routine, so book your trip right now. Locate us with the keyword “yurt glamping near Hamilton”.

Yurt Holidays Near Hamilton

Yurts are particularly intriguing because of their unique design, which is round like a tent but larger with room for furniture, stoves, and beds. These may be modified and furnished with additional facilities like plumbing, flooring, fireplaces, and power. You may reach us by searching for “yurt vacations” or “yurt holidays”

Yurt Rentals Near Hamilton

Yurt camping in Hamilton is a fantastic solution for those searching for a distinctive way to get away from the city. You may enjoy outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends without dealing with trying or unpleasant situations. For the greatest glamping experience, search for “yurt rentals near Hamilton” to contact us.

Farm Tours Near Hamilton

We adore the happiness our farm animals provide to our lives. They all have extremely unique personalities and provide the farm with so much.

We provide private and group farm tours, complete with goats, alpacas, chickens, sheep, and, of course, the amiable barn cats.

Farm Stay Near Hamilton

Take your time after the tour to stroll down the riverbank walkway and have a picnic with a view of the stream, meadows, or vegetable farms. We offer a guided tour, a meal, opportunities for pictures, and a picnic period.

Please use the reservation procedure to secure a space. For bigger parties, weekdays can be arranged; please use the contact form to make individual arrangements.

Enjoy Frolicking with the Animals of Riverside Oasis Farm with your Friends and Family

At the Riverside Oasis Farm, visitors can interact and meet various animals. Alpacas, sheep, goats, chickens, and other animals may all be fed and observed. While yurt camping, you may discover more about these farm animals’ characteristics, habits, and uses.

Visit Our Farm Tours

We provide public and private farm tours allowing visitors to interact with the animals, feed them, and take pictures.

  • Alpacas: Owing to their distinctive personalities, stunning haircuts, and strong constitutions, alpacas are the most attractive animals on the farm.
  • Bees: On the farm, bee colonies fertilize the garden, add to the property’s visual appeal, and provide delicious honey.
  • Goats: Goats are fascinating creatures with sweet dispositions. They never stop slapping anything in their reach.
  • Chickens: They are productive and low-maintenance animals for farms. They meet the criteria for meat and eggs.
  • Sheep: The farm uses sheep to produce high-quality pasture-raised lamb to become meat self-sufficient.

Enter the term “glamping with alpacas” into Google to enjoy glamping with farm animals.

Farm Tours

by appointment only.

When is the Best Time to Rent and Stay in a Yurt?

The nicest thing about renting and staying in a yurt is that you can do it all year. While leaving city life and resting over a wood burner is appealing, summers are also great for yurt camping. From May to September, you may access everything in parks that makes glamping wonderful. You may do everything from swimming and cycling to hiking and cooking at our eco-friendly camping.

Why should you come to Riverside Oasis Farm?

Yurt camping is one of the greatest alternatives for individuals looking for a natural experience. Riverside Oasis Farm is ideal for a fun or romantic break that allows you to experience the outdoors without compromising the comforts and amenities of your home.

Tips on Riverside Oasis Farm Yurts Booking in Hamilton

While you book a luxury yurt with Riverside Oasis Farm, remember the following advice.

  • Early reservations – Yurt camping in Hamilton, Ontario, is becoming increasingly popular, so you should make your reservation when a spot opens.
  • Recognize your needs – You will discover that yurt possibilities vary in terms of amenities and offers when you search for an “animal farm tour near me in Hamilton“. Understanding your preferences and needs is essential for making the best choice.
  • Choose your season – Depending on the season, our unique glamping destination may be an unforgettable experience. While summer allows access to all outdoor activities, winter brings warmth and coziness in covered yurts. You have a choice!
  • Prepare your belongings – Before renting a luxury yurt, ensure you have all the essential equipment, such as a sleeping bag, power bank, and other goods.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to secure your yurt camping Hamilton site!


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